Designer United: .Olive. , Maitreya, and *MY UGLYDOROTHY

designer united

[dropcaps type=”colored”]T[/dropcaps]oday we are going to talk about a lovely little event knows as Designer United, or DU for short. It was started years ago by two silly little girls with big dreams to bring together the best designers on the grid and create cool, unique creations, free of pressure to fix the norm, and be wild.

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Arcade Eve: The story of ArchiBald and the Arcandian

Arcade Eve The story of ArchiBald and the Arcandian

[dropcaps type=”colored”]I[/dropcaps]’m gunna try to keep this intro short, but I wanted to take a moment and post something, I wrote over exactly 3 months ago. On, what has now be dubbed as “Arcade Eve” I started this plurk, and sat down, and wrote a store, that came from my fingers, about the origin of the Arcade. Granted, this isn’t the REAL story, it’s one I made up. I wanted to post this for you all because that plurk was lost to the endless void that is my personal timeline of useless and pretty stupid plurks. So, here before you is the original Arcade Eve: the Story of ArchiBald and the Arcandian, story by me! This is in no way officially affiliated with the Arcade, just something I made up, please don’t get that confused >w<.

– Rose

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Tiny bit of Razzle to mix into your Dazzle.

tiny bit of razzle to mix up in your dazzle

[dropcaps type=”colored”]F[/dropcaps]IRST BLOG! Let’s kick this baby off with a mega punch shall we?

Welcome to A Jar of Olives! Hope all my lovely readers enjoy their stay


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