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Hogwarts will always be home

[blockquote author_name=”Mischief Managed Website” width=”100″ ]What are we? Mischief Managed is a fully immersive non-profit Harry Potter roleplay featured on Second Life. With a complete and meticulously perfected school, modeled after the real life Hogwarts that you know from the books, films and games, we offer you a chance to roleplay and immerse yourself in what Harry would have experienced during his time at Hogwarts. You can choose YOUR story. Want to be a Professor and teach magic in one of the many classrooms? Go ahead. Want to be that cunning Slytherin you dreamed of being but had no place to go? You’re welcome here. Our aim is to share the magic of Harry Potter with you and let you be the writer of your story and fully experience what J.K Rowling wrote on those pages.[/blockquote]

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Who are we?

[blockquote author_name=”Mischief Managed Website” width=”100″ ]Mischief Managed is run by an entire team of dedicated volunteer staff. Although the staff members change over time, we all have one dream – to keep the magic alive. We’re here to offer you the best Harry Potter roleplaying experience and to live out your fantasy of being a part of something magical. From the Admins to the ALOs, we’re here to serve you.[/blockquote]

[dropcaps type=”colored”]G[/dropcaps]uided by some of the most die hard fans to the JK Rowling world, Michief Managed is the home to my love for Harry Potter. Back in the start when MM was known as Hogwarts: Your Story, I was both a fellow rper and OOC Staff memeber of the wizard roleplay sim. Now, more than a year since I joined my fellow Potter heads in a magical jounry.

I am, along side the wonderful Marina Tiepolo , Brenna Orellana, and Paradoxical Mode, one of the admins and owners of MM. The ever so talented and main creator and builders behind MM, Anya Ohmai  , whom put together the build you see today with the help of Corwin LeCourte, owns the sim and helps when ever this tiny little ball of fun can. Together we all love and nerture our little piece of HP in sl. 

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