Christmas with the Arcade!


[dropcaps type=”colored”]O[/dropcaps]nce again Arcade has fallen upon us! It’s time for us to gather together and go wild at those gachas. I’m featuring in this post a mix of all types of goodies for you to get. From random bows an arrows, teddy bears dressed up as your favorite tweaking teen pop icons, and simple present boxes for your gift giving, the Arcade is sure to have something for everyone this season.

Keeping this simple and short, let’s just get into it! Hope ya’ll enjoy and have fun trying your luck this round!

– Rose 

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.Olive. @ the Arcade December 2013 Part 2

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Hi there again friends! It so happens that this round .Olive. has two machines, yes two. This being so, I wanted to do something more festive and holiday themed. And what could be better than presents? Presents, giftable frames, and greeting cards!

I hope you all enjoy this round of the arcade, it’s sure to be a treat!

– Rose

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.Olive. @ The Arcade December 2013

yay dd

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It’s time again,

time for Arcade!

Every season the Arcade rolls around, and .Olive. is here to bring you some gacha collectibles. As many of my fellow designers create collections based around the winter and chrismas times, I decided to branch out of my norm, and try a bedroom set. Granted I don’t have a great deal of experince in creating furniture for SL let alone a whole bedroom, I still took on the challenge and put forth, what I do believe, is some pretty cool work.

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Arcade Eve: The story of ArchiBald and the Arcandian

Arcade Eve The story of ArchiBald and the Arcandian

[dropcaps type=”colored”]I[/dropcaps]’m gunna try to keep this intro short, but I wanted to take a moment and post something, I wrote over exactly 3 months ago. On, what has now be dubbed as “Arcade Eve” I started this plurk, and sat down, and wrote a store, that came from my fingers, about the origin of the Arcade. Granted, this isn’t the REAL story, it’s one I made up. I wanted to post this for you all because that plurk was lost to the endless void that is my personal timeline of useless and pretty stupid plurks. So, here before you is the original Arcade Eve: the Story of ArchiBald and the Arcandian, story by me! This is in no way officially affiliated with the Arcade, just something I made up, please don’t get that confused >w<.

– Rose

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