about me



[dropcap style=”3″ size=”1″]O[/dropcap]ver my lifetime I’ve owned many blogs,  social network profiles, a couple rping forum when I was new to rping, and countless random accounts on silly sites for silly things. Yet, I’ve never had just one place for my own, and after growing up enough to earn something to call mine, I’ve opened up here little website, a Jar of Olives. It’s mostly the hub of all things Rosie related and .Olive. info and products. Between the blog posts and release announcements, this site is mainly for cute and enjoyable blabber and me flaunting around my mesh creations.

More about Rose.

Along with being involved in the designer community of sl, i also take part in the role-player side. I’ve mostly stuck to Harry Potter role-play, or everyday, human, city, urban rp. I’m branching off into fantasy rping with my friends, and exploring more sims, and widening my knowledge of the subject. Most of my time however is devoted to running Mischief Managed and creating for my store. I try to find a balance between all this, and sometimes one wins over the other.

I am also,  a proud sl mom of a lovely daughter, and a god mom to two amazing creative girls. I’m also fortunate to have my sisters, a brother, my mom, and of  course, my friends to fill my life in sl. I’m not sure what  sl would look like with out them.



This little about me isn’t very interesting, and lacks to actually make  any really part of me stand out and represented well, but it’s just a blurry overview of who Rose is on sl. I’m just a hard working store owner who finds love and passion for all my pictures and blog, almost as much as my creations. I’m a mom and friend and a pretty colorful, not the typical crayon type of gal. Nothing more to say I suppose, get ot know me for real  and this little blurb will seem like a sneeze. :3

– Rose