.Olive. @ the Arcade December 2013 Part 2

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Hi there again friends! It so happens that this round .Olive. has two machines, yes two. This being so, I wanted to do something more festive and holiday themed. And what could be better than presents? Presents, giftable frames, and greeting cards!

I hope you all enjoy this round of the arcade, it’s sure to be a treat!

– Rose


Greeting Cards

Each card comes with two versions, a rez and wear. The wear one has a pose and script to activate the pose on hold, inside of it, so you or the loved one you decide to give the card too can hold it, or display is proudly.

  • 2Li each
  • Comes in 5 funky and cute hand drawn  patterns
  • Each set comes with two card versions
  • Each card is mod for customization
  • Ambient Occlusion and bake maps are included so you can write your own little note on the inside!


Construction Paper Frames

Remember when we were kids and we thought school glue, raw macironi, and construction paper rocked? Well I still think those things, and thus came the idea of the frames! Simple frames with a cute festive Winter design, perfect for giving that special someone with a picture of you and them in it~

  • 2Li
  • Two styles: Snowman’s Hill, and Winter House
  • Hand drawn textures – 8 Colors
  • Mod for easy adjusting and customization


Present Boxes

Last but not least, the present boxes! These assortment of giftable present boxes are perfect for the gifter in a pinch.

  •  5 color ssets
  • 1Li
  • Mod for easy resizing and linking to other things
  • Perfect for stuffing under that Chritmastree

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