.Olive. @ The Arcade December 2013

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It’s time again,

time for Arcade!

Every season the Arcade rolls around, and .Olive. is here to bring you some gacha collectibles. As many of my fellow designers create collections based around the winter and chrismas times, I decided to branch out of my norm, and try a bedroom set. Granted I don’t have a great deal of experince in creating furniture for SL let alone a whole bedroom, I still took on the challenge and put forth, what I do believe, is some pretty cool work.


This collection IS in a gacha form (wait no crying yet!) because of this, I’ve left all items mod and copy for easy adjusting and gift giving! With that each item is boxed in a cute little festive box for easy under the tree presents! Each box will have a small frame that houses the preview of the item inside.  Rare boxes are larger and have a red bottom and bow, common prizes are slightly smaller, and have green accents just as the rares.



The Collection

In the collect you will find the following

  1. Dresser


  2. Vanity

  3. Stool

  4. Cabinet

  5. Nightstand – Empty

  6. Nightstand – Full


  7. Floor length wall mirror

  8. Wall door lamp

  9. Chandelier

  10. Door Bed – RARE

  11. Fence Bench – RARE

  12. Mystery Item – RARE


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