.Olive. @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds!

Everyone has that inner geek in them, A little bit of nerd mixed in with your “swag”. Admit it! I know I do, and one of my oldest loves is anime, making me a super anime freak nerd AND geek! So when this cool event called Geeks n Nerds came about, I jumped on the bandwagon and went along for the ride! This is also the first event in which .Olive. is lucky enough to be a sponsor for! Check it out for sure if you love all things nerdy and geek, cute and cuddle, and over all fun and cool! ¬†Anything from old time video games, to 9-bit bow ties, floating hogwart candles, and even adorable kids clothing with catching sayings from Skyrim, can be found at Geeks n Nerd, and I for one, am so proud to be in this event with my fellow nerdies!

Now then! What did .Olive. do for this event? Look below to find out!


Visit Geeks n Nerds



.Olive. the Scout’s Heart Pendent Necklace Gacha

33 commons to win 3 rares

  • Each necklace is mod for easy adjusting
  • Every color represents one of the 9 Sailor Scouts, including Sailor Moon, and Mini Moon, along with a Silver and Gold Version
  • Collect them all or gift them to friends!



.Olive. the Scout’s Tiara Set – Bracelets & Rings

5 metal options, 10 gem colors

  • Each set comes with 5 bracelets and 5 rings
  • Comes in 5 shades – Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Copper, and Onxy
  • Each set/color is made after the 9 Sailor Scouts and Mini Moon
  • Completely modifiable for easy fitting
  • Shape allows for rings and bracelets to be stacked easily!



.Olive. the Geek’s Book Stack Earrings

5 metal options

  • Earrings based of RL book stack for all those cute little book worms
  • Unisex
  • Come in 5 shades – Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Copper, and Onxy
  • Modifiable for easy fitting!

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