Fantasy is afoot.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: For the first look I forgot to grab the credits before I logged of SL, they will be posted soon!

[dropcaps type=”colored”]I[/dropcaps]t’s been a pretty minute since I popped in last! I’ve been busy working maddly away with my fellow MM admins on creating the very first Wizarding Faire! It will be a two week event pulling together some of the best in SL and throwing them into the “wizarding” magical world of Harry Potter and magic theme! Our 48 designers will create some amazing items for you all to gobble up come the 6th of October! Time flies when you are planning an event like this, so my blogging has slowed a tad – but! I am here today to share with you some of these wonderfully fantastic gacha goodies from the new round of  Fantasy Gacha Carnival!  It will open on the 1t of Oct and includes some pretty awesome stuff!

I coupled the items I got from the Carnival with some old goodies and new mesh enchantment pieces that have come out lately! Slink updated their hands and feet, and have released versions for men as well. All old appliers still work too so no need to get scared! These hands also include a tattoo layer that  I  can’t wait to see designers take advantage of . Lolas also just came out with their new mesh breast, the Mirage which you can see pictured above. This version works with all existing appliers for the tangos, skin and clothing! They are a more “push up” style breast, but look more natural and perky then the Tangos.  Rumors have it that they are also working on a push up version of the lolas soon. Last but not least is this new mesh mouth from Loud Mouth, which i have to say, is so pretty and I hope skin designers grab a hold and start making appliers for them! The Sugar Garden is already working on creating appliers for them and you can see a sneak peak of the Kotoko skin appliers on me now :3

Well that’s going to be all for me for now guys! I’ll be back soon to post an official blog about the Wizarding Faire this week. Stay tuned

– Rose ❤

fantasy aware tall



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