Tiny bit of Razzle to mix into your Dazzle.

tiny bit of razzle to mix up in your dazzle

[dropcaps type=”colored”]F[/dropcaps]IRST BLOG! Let’s kick this baby off with a mega punch shall we?

Welcome to A Jar of Olives! Hope all my lovely readers enjoy their stay


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[dropcaps type=”colored”]E[/dropcaps]very year there are countless birthdays that spring up. This year, is the second year the wonderful event know as Collabor88, is turning two. To celebrate, all month long the Dazzeling theme of “Razzle Dazzle” has flooded the grid with glorious 1920’s art decoy, flappers and sparkles. From beds, house, chairs, tables, shoes, dresses, hairs and skins; everything matches this beautiful genre. I wanted to make my first blog post, enchanting, and soft, and lovely. The Combo of Collab, and then the notoriously glamours Paper Couture coming out with their 2013 collection, made this blog a win win win win win. So many wins. I don’t wanna spoil this with so many words you doze off. So just to the pictures!

razzel 1

razzel 1

razzel 2

razzel 3

I hope to fill this site with many more blogs and wonderful things. Stay tune for all of that. I love you all!

– Rose


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